Certified Specialist Demand Guarantee Program

Certified Specialist Demand Guarantee Program

Over recent years, there has seen a significant increase in the use and importance of demand guarantees worldwide. The Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees (CSDG®) has been designed to enable demand guarantee professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.

CSDG® is a QCF* Level 4 qualification that aims to develop students’ knowledge and expertise in the use of guarantees, industry rules, legislation and the challenges relating to demand guarantees and standby credits.

CSDG® was developed by ifs University College in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). This qualification has been designed with input from leading industry experts to keep the contents relevant in an ever-changing sector.

Why Study CSDG®?

  • Demand guarantees – including tender, performance and advance payment
  • Indemnities, Suretyships and standby letters of credit and how they compare
  • Scope of industry rules including URDG 758 and ISP98
  • Parties involved in demand guarantees and their roles and obligations
  • Risk issues, including types, control and mitigations
  • Impact of external factors including governing law and force majeure


  • It enables you to demonstrate a level of expertise in demand guarantees that is recognised worldwide
  • It improves your knowledge and understanding of the complex issues associated with demand guarantee best practice
  • It helps you develop the skills to apply your knowledge in the workplace and to perform at a high level
  • It gives you the right to add the professional designation ‘CSDG’ after your name
  • It improves your career and promotion prospects
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