Certified Shipping & Freight forwarding Professional programs

Certified Shipping & Freight forwarding Professional programs

This course is designed to provide the participant with a complete understanding of the techniques involved in successfully carrying out cross-border trading operations.

The curriculum is designed to help participants develop a thorough knowledge of international trade, export-import management and shipping in both theoretical and applied dimensions. The management sessions help us to consolidate learning with on-the-job application. Case studies, group presentations, discussions and sometimes field visits are used to facilitate learning.

I. International trade
II. Shipping documentation
III. Inco terms
IV. Documentary credit & ucp 600
V. Letter of credit
VI. Shipping law & marine insurance
VII. Containerization, port operations, shipping &logistics
VIII. Ship – shore interface, electronic commerce, edi
IX. Import export / customs – documentation & processing


To train a new genre of dynamic international trade professionals, who know the latest trends and are capable of handling new challenges. While millions of new jobs are being created, most multinationals and conglomerates are finding it difficult to head-hunt for key positions in the field of International Trading / Export-Import management. Education and certification is the key to success and the time is ripe for imparting training to professionals involved in international trade so that they can effectively take on the challenges in the future.

Designed For

The 8-week certification course in is aimed at honing the skills of officers, junior managers, as well as experienced executives without formal training. A large number of professionals in the Middle East are associated with the international trading in different industries. What they lack is a formal training about international trade, export-import management and shipping that will give them a competitive edge in their chosen field of specialization.

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